FOR MALE EYES ONLY! 5 Ways We Let The Cookie Slip

Why Guys Lose Knacks

5 Ways We Let The Cookie Slip | Why Guys Lose Knacks.

Have you ever wondered why as a guy you lose knacks? Why the cookie (p***y) you thought you had in your laps suddenly slipped through your fingers like a set of keys? Well, I have wondered too.

Fellow men, gather round and let’s look at 5 things you probably didn’t know you did and let us end this drought.

1Thirst: Women might want to give you their body but not want you to thirst over it. Let me explain, its like when you go to your neighbors and you get served food? You know how surprised you act and sometimes overdo the pleasant surprise scenes? Exactly!!! Once p**** is served, don’t drool over it like a Rottweiler, be a gentleman(or not, depending on the cuisine). Wash your hands, dig in and enjoy your expected surprise. Remember to make the chef happy and you might get laid again!

2Quit Jerking Around: Women like funny men! A fact that has been well established, but its a bit tricky knowing when to not be a funny guy. The wrong sexual jokes could have you holding your d**k (nkan omokunrin) in your hands wondering what happened. “I will f*** you and your mother will feel it,” he said and I just wore my clothes and left, my lady friend narrated. Too much play can be horrific at times [lol].

“I will f*** you and your mother will feel it”

3False Representation: Women lie, men lie but a man’s true worth will never lie. Women can usually tell who the owner of the car, house and the lifestyle really is. Stop trying to live a fake life, be yourself and you just might knack. Guy, if you lost some knacks for being broke, look at the bright side, you just saved plenty raw strength to hustle some real money. Go get it!

“Guy, if you lost some knacks for being broke, look at the bright side, you just saved plenty raw strength to hustle some real money”

4Sir Brag-A-Lot: Its a known fact women like material possessions(don’t we all?), like mobile phones they can’t, afford, front seats, human hair etc. Excessively bragging to a woman about how much money you’ve got and how you can turn her life and family’s around might get you some whack knacks. Ultimately, this tactic irritates a larger number(the really-really hot Queens). Quietly feed her family and don’t say a word about it.

5Talker: Women are usually discrete with their sexual escapades, maybe because they are used to knacking who they aren’t supposed to knack(I pray this table doesn’t fall on my head o!). For instance, a friend’s boyfriend, other peoples fiances/husbands, besties etc. So, half of the sex you will get as a man will be tied to your ability to not talk too much. The other 50% knacks you will not get as a guy, well, now you know how to fix. Many words do not make you Wikipedia bros.


It may be hard knowing where you goofed and missed the knacks of a lifetime but follow these points and you will be on your way to endless knacks, then, your left arm can finally be free!

Disclaimer: This piece doesn’t in any way promote misogyny or suggests that women ought to be used for sex. We respect women and only put this together to help our Kings know why guys lose knacks and help them get a fairer run.

Ladies and men (Professional knacksmen), you probably know other reasons guys go “unlaid”, kindly share them with me and other guys below: we are not as smart as we seem :-}



  1. I can sooooo relate, especially the thirsty 1’s. Very irritating and the brag a lot too. After all the bragging you will be disappointed 😞 😔😢 the talkers can be seen as kiss and tell kinda of guys. He’ll probably tell the whole world we got down so no cookie for the brother.

    • Loooolzzz…eheheeeehee drip ko shower of blessings ni. They usually the ones that cum after 3 mins. Just show dem half a nipple…

  2. Nice piece, this got me “nkan omo okurin”, the talker won’t get anything cause no one wants someone that will kiss and tell.

  3. Hennnnnennnn😂
    For me ehn, if u brag about the size of your d, only to find small tiger battery size 🤣🤣🤣 no knacks for you.
    One guy was claiming to be smart ( telling me we should try no sex bfr marriage thing) and i agreed🤣🤣 only for him to want cookie the first day i went to his house 😝😝 no no for me. That was how the guy lost having it.
    And guys waiting for me to make first move when im already in your nest, we’ve talked about it oh, you’re now forming saint. Uncle i wont give you 😛


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