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Qdot – KOSHI DANU [Video + Lyrics]

Ko Lo Wo Ofe Ra Benz


Qdot – KOSHI DANU Video

Yorubadboi Music Boss, Qdot drops the official music video to his previously released single KOSHI DANU.

This single is a follow-up to his previous hit tagged “Gbese”. Qdot is known for his use of indigenous Yoruba lyrics and his songs are usually street bangers.

KOSHI DANU was produced by fast-rising producer, Pherari. The video is a colourful one and like most of Qdot’s works, it’s a street banger.

Watch and enjoy.


Watch The Video Here



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Qdot – Koshi Danu Lyrics

Ko ko ko ko (koshi danu!!)
Ferrari madu gu
Qdot loruko mi.

To Ba lowo lowo (koshi danu)
O’le Gbese s’oke (koshi danu)
Alaye ma fi agidi Jaiye (koshi danu)
Omo yahoo ti o pa wo (koshi danu)
To ni Olohun lo se ojoro (koshi danu)
Alaye ko ise ko mo ise (koshi danu)
O sha’se oun bawon we oso (koshi danu)
Broda ologo 2G (koshi danu)
Ogo ti o download Whatsapp (koshi danu)
Ogo 2go ni ko le wo Snapchat (koshi danu)
Haa haa haa haa (koshi danu)
O lo’wo o fe ra Benz (koshi danu)
Ko ni ile o fe yo fence e (koshi danu)
Moto yin oshe ni je epo (koshi danu)
Ni gba te gbe olosho to n se epo (koshi danu)
Atenu baby (koshi danu)
O baby Atenu (koshi danu)
Karimo (koshi danu)
Karimo, Ka ma pade mo (koshi danu)
O ji phone O ji charger mor o (koshi danu)
Ara n fu mi bo se ji wa (koshi danu)
My daughter daughter (koshi danu)
Ma pe mi ni zaddy zaddy (koshi danu)
Ta lo ni zaddy werey (koshi danu)
Ta lo bi omo werey (koshi danu)
Omo to’n gbe boko lura (koshi danu)
Omo to’n gbe oja lura (koshi danu)
Omo tan ti lo ti o fu ra (koshi danu)
Won shey ni ka yin ni pata (koshi danu)
Sebi oni Benz le n Waka (koshi danu)
Nwa yanwun (koshi danu)
Omo igbo nwa yanwun (koshi danu)
Sho mo’pe dimeji la wun (koshi danu)
Broda osho free (koshi danu)
Eyin na ma bi’mo obinrin (koshi danu)
Ko ko koshi danu!!!!!! (koshi danu)
Oti oloti lo fe ge (koshi danu)
O ni same lo bade (koshi danu)
Aka gum ni ko yo owo ri,
Client e o sanwo ri (koshi danu)
Ef’e gba le were (koshi danu)
Gbegberigbe (koshi danu)
Ti gbe gbe rigbe (koshi danu)
Enu Awon oko yin ti gbe (koshi danu)
Mi o kin s’olosho (koshi danu)
Ti ba lo e ma fun mi lo’wo (koshi danu)
Ko mo pe mo ma gbera oh (koshi danu)
Ko werey ko werey (koshi danu)
Owo epo (koshi danu)
Ese eja (koshi danu)
Baby buy me Gucci (koshi danu)
Baby buy me Fendi (koshi danu)
So fe pa baby ni? (koshi danu)
Atenu baby (koshi danu)
O baby Atenu (koshi danu)
Shey make I send my Aza? (koshi danu)
O Baby buy me iPhone (koshi danu)
Shey o mo number Lati ni? (koshi danu)
Davido l’omo aunty mi (koshi danu)
O like e hustle mi (koshi danu)
O de fe won nu muscle mi (koshi danu)
Oni Benz lon Waka (koshi danu)
Won o like oni Toyota (koshi danu)
E shey Wire fun mi (koshi danu)
Ise wo lo un lo, e ja mi (koshi danu)
Won ja e tan o ja won je (koshi danu)
O gbera o wa ye ra (koshi danu)
Sweet mix by DrumPhrase
Ko ko ko ko koshi danu!!!

Written by Kissable

Never judge a book by its wanna know someone, then move a lil closer and quit judging them. We are all sinners but we sin differently.


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