Davido And Politics Shouldn’t Mix.

davido and politics

Davido And Politics Shouldn’t Mix.

After religion, Politics is the highest divisive topic in any climate (let’s put soccer aside), I believe it is safe to say that Davido and politics is not a good idea at this time.

It is just my opinion, but I think an entertainer with millions of fans that cut across several political parties should maintain a certain level of political inclination.

9ice, Desmond Elliot, and Kate Henshaw are some notable superstars that have ventured into the unruly world of politics in the past without hurting the feelings of their fans.

It is noteworthy to mention that, the mentioned superstars above were actual participants that vied for political offices, Davido is only rooting for his uncle and is not running for any political office…at least not yet.

Davido and politics
He Rocked The PDP Ankara Than Anyone Else. Even The Dancing Senator’s Son, B-Red, Didn’t Get To Sample One.

What angle is Davido truly working? I mean, does he truly care about the “good people of Osun”? Is he just doing what families do for family? Is he truly concerned about good governance? He suddenly remembers the “good people of Osun” deserve free live shows?

Davido lives in a damn glassy crib, he should not be flipping stones, at all!

Naija Artistes Need To Take The Lead, Not Just When Relatives Are Involved

I truly respect his clamor and support for his uncle, Sen. Ademola Adeleke, my concerns are simple: would he show such vigor in supporting a worthy candidate that has the potential to make Nigeria a great nation for all of us? Even when such a person is not family? Are Nigerian artistes ready to do that for free?

As an example, 47-year-old Fela Durotoye is a young leadership expert vying for the Presidency under the political party ANN(Alliance for New Nigeria), he recently asked Nigerians to donate money so he could buy his party’s nomination form.

Davido and politics - Fela Durotoye

Let Davido, 2Baba, Wizkid, and other artistes throw their weights behind such candidates and use their music to influence who comes into power.

Davido single-handedly almost won the election for his uncle, he canceled his US tour so he could join the campaign train, his weight and effect on the traction PDP gained was unprecedented

The ‘AYE’ Black Axe Allegations Won’t Just Go Away

With allegations of Davido being a cultist (Black Axe) still rife, I’d tread cautiously if I were him. Just a while back, some few weeks actually, his country manager, Asa Asika had to defend Davido‘s integrity and not being a member of the secret cult group.

While that and many other traits and behaviors linking him to AYE lingers, the superstar went on to drop suggestive lines on Deekay‘s joint with Peruzzi and himself titled HANGOVER to further link himself to the secret cult group.

Everyone knows mosquitoes CANNOT transmit HIV, but the Nigeria Police can charge a mosquito for HIV transmission if it finds traces of blood in its Proboscis. Davido just needs to chill out a bit or better still, not walk alone in his future political quests.

Is Davido Still Juvenile?

I can recall, 2 years ago, when he was victim of a prank show on MTVBase, he went ballistic on the actor that pranked him and shed the finesse that usually comes with stardom and being a role model at unbelievable speed. Saying he lost his cool is an understatement.

In this same vein, I am certain he has not thought it through, what happens next, if, after the rerun elections on Thursday, his uncle and PDP lose, would he still perform for free in Osogbo? Would he continue to rant on Twitter about ‘Imole De’ and PDP?! Is he going to call out the C-in-C himself to answer for his crimes against “the good people of Osun”?

Remember the lad is not a respecter of age/tradition, Uncle Dele Momodu suffered at his hands for a lengthy spell before breaking loose.

Crying More Than The Bereaved

Davido is a passionate fella, he has expressed this in his songs, videos and stage performances. He allowed his passion to seep into the campaign for his uncle too much, so much that his social media accounts are awash with messages ridden with contempt for INEC, disdain for APC and even TV stations were not spared.

OBO insinuated on Twitter, that TV stations deliberately switched from broadcasting the rerun elections live.


Family is everything no doubt, but last last, I bet Davido is just wailing for personal gains and it is my hope that his foray into partisan politics will not destroy the very fabric of influence he sweated to knit together over the years.

I wish to see young people stand up for true Democracy, an all-inclusive government that will cater to the real needs of Nigerians.

Now that INEC has declared APC‘s Oyetola the winner after the rerun polls, OBO has gone radio silent for almost two days (very unusual), I wonder what’s next for the DMW boss.



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