Bashing Merry-Go-Round…Phyno, ICE Prince & Kcee All Aim For Hushpuppi’s Jugular.

hushpuppi beef

Bashing Merry-Go-Round…Phyno, ICE Prince & Kcee All Aim For Hushpuppi’s Jugular.

The last 24 hours or so has been quite stormy in what has been a very rare war of words around here. It is very difficult to know where the words are flying from. I mean, Hushpuppi should be in Malaysia or so we think, and Kcee might be in any part of the world at the moment.

For all we know and care, these people have been causing some wavy storm…I kinda like that…WAVY STORM…lol. Anyways, back to the matter, gist is rife that Gucci’s Nigerian first son (Not Aremo Gucci o), Hushpuppi threw the first slug at the very innocent pair of Phyno and IcePrince via his Snap, accusing them both of flaunting fake Philippe Patek watches and maybe KCee figured that it might not be far too long before the raging puppy roams and gets to his destination, so he decided to fire some deep throat-ed warning shots ‘ina d air’.

The internet and social media have been riding on that wave since yesterday! OMG….KCee wrote a lenghty public letter to Hushpuppi and even copied the EFCC. Yea, that bad!

Have your fill, from Instagram posts to Tweets to SnapChats…really, have your feel below:

PS: In case anyone is wondering who the hell Hushpuppi is, you are not alone, he is a Malaysian-Based Nigerian whose lavish lifestyle has placed him in the lime light for a while now. Add this to when he spent over N11m at the popular Quilox Night Club in Lagos, just to prove to Davido that he is up to the task.

hushpuppi beef hushpuppi beef

hushpuppi beef
And Hushpuppi replied Kcee without remorse.

hushpuppi beef


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