9ice And Falz The Bahd Guy: We Are Not Fighting!

9ice and falz not fighting

9ice And Falz The Bahd Guy: We Are Not Fighting!

The keen eyed fans of Alapomeji General, 9ice and Falz The Bahd Guy would not have missed the supposed rift between the two artistes.
Falz had made a public statement putting down some Nigerian artistes that put out songs that glorify scams and dubious practices, saying such songs might be giving out the wrong inspirations to Nigerian youths.
9ice, in a later reaction had to break down the lyrics to his hit song ‘Living Thing‘ insisting that he was not promoting fraud, rather, he implied that as living things, we all have to be on top of things, we have to be enterprising and the rest was just to add flavor to the song, he went further to say that the EFCC can call any of the people he mentioned in his song for interrogation, if anyone has evidence(s) of their ill practices.

The main news here is that both artistes have shared a video, via their separate Instagram accounts,with the two of them at a hangout where they debunked allegations of bad blood between them:

Watch below:




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