Five fashion statements Nigerian women shouldn’t ignore

Nigerian Fashion Statements, Denim On Denim

Five fashion statements Nigerian women shouldn’t ignore

Knowing what fashion is and making fashion statements are two separate lines ladies cross in their bid to appear very fashionable.
You can simply be a fashionista and might not have made any fashion statement in your life. Fashion lovers while trying to make a fashion statement, cross lines and crash the whole outfit. So today I give you 5 fashion lines women shouldn’t cross.

1: Do not wear too many bright colors in one outfit: In a bid to stand out you might end up looking like a clown. For example, wearing a red dress on a pink shoe, till date hasn’t been pulled off by anybody. It’s just off the table ladies, probably till Riri says it’s OK.

2: Patterned outfits: In my opinion, these types of clothes are tricky and shouldn’t be dared. Wearing a floral dress on a floral shoe just don’t go along well. Don’t even get me started on polka dots, I feel they are like “like poles” and they are not attractive in any way. Stop the fashion murder.

3: Ripped outfits: I love anything ripped but the idea is to look a little ratchet but when you pair a ripped jean on a ripped shirt it shifts from being a fashion statement to actually looking like a mad person and in no time you’ll have children singing after you as done in this part of the world. So when it comes to ripped outfits, you need not do too much.

4: Pick outfits according to weather conditions: Rocking a trench coat or a leather jacket is fine but not in a hot climate like the one we have in Nigeria, so also is rocking a tank or sleeveless top in a cold weather. Pick outfits that go along with the weather condition. Let the weather be your guide, rock a fur coat and high boots in the winter/Harmattan. You would be slaying and also saving yourself from the cold, hence killing two birds with a stone.

5: The Denim on denim trend: To be fair not everyone can pull this off, you have to be really careful when you pair denim with denim. First things first; the denim has to be the same shade. You can’t pair dark blue denim with light blue denim, half of the time you won’t look right. To be safe, if you are not a fashion expert, just stay clear of this trend. Easy but tricky.

Fashion is a lifestyle, just be yourself and you will get it right [or not]. You try to be someone else and you just might miss.

Written by AllShadesOfZee

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  1. Nice write up, I’d like to say a thing or two. The fashion world has evolved and things aren’t what they used to be. Pattern on patterns especially monochromes if put well look amazing, you should try it. I totally agree with the weather clothes, ripped clothes and colorful dresses, I mean who wants to look like a rainbow or mentally disturbed. Two shades of denim can work, one, a shade lighter preferably the jacket and the trousers a shade darker.
    Amazing write up, looking forward to the next.

  2. Thanks for reading my article and commenting,You see when I mentioned patterns I made emphasis on polka dots and floral prints.To be honest I haven’t seen anyone that has tried that.And even if anyone would,that person has to be someone So verse in fashion and not just a regular dresser.
    Secondly,about the denim,you could try it and it might look good but have you seen anyone match the same shade before,it’s comes out really nice and blended.Two different shades of denim can be quite messy and edgy.But if you try it and it works for you then it’s GO


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